Best Friends

Written by: Terry L. Allen

      Hello my friend how was your day?
              Mine didn't go so well.
                Lend me your arms
          so I can hide from life's hell.
                        Hold me
and let me feel the warmth we hold dear.
                    Have patience
       and all my troubles I will share.
               You soothe my soul
                 and dry my tears.
                     You hold me
                        till of life
              I have a better view.
          When circumstances of life
           again raises it's ugly head
       and this time hurts you instead.
       I will be here to dry your tears
               and calm your fears
            just like you always do.
            Come hide in my arms
     and all your troubles to me do tell.
           What a rare gift we have
     a friendship thats strong and true.
              You'll be here for me
            and I'll be here for you.
   We're just the best of friends we two.