Begins to End

Written by: Katty Holburn

I’m aching to tell you a lie,
I’m aching so deep inside.
I think I’m in love, but what if I’m not?
If I lied, would I get caught?
I have so much hope, that maybe you love me.
But honestly, how could that be?

I want to rip out my beauty, in front of my eyes.
Inject hate in my veins, change my disguise.
Look at you, so blind, oblivious to the world,
Or is it me, blind, oblivious, this solitary girl.

Oh I think I’m in love, could it be true?
All this I’m feeling is because of you.
Oh I can’t breathe, I really can’t see,
This outcome here, what could it be?

I think it’s too late, this begins to end,
It’s almost out, I don’t want to lose my friend.
He loves me, he loves me not.
Stop, is it worth a shot?