My Beach of Throws

Written by: suni gecko

My soft, pale, aching skin melts into the white african sands, My longings for you dissipate into salty sea winds, Carried to you somewhere in the cold mountain lands. The heat I create beats the scortching of this sun, I could melt all the snow on which you stand. It may rain now for all i know, All i sense is your weight upon me. The smell of your sweat maybe just a memory, But tis more real than the tide about to take me. I hear you call my name amongst the the breaking waves, Whisper closly your desires, tickel my ear with long deep breaths. My hands rub nourishing cream onto my thighs, or is it you brushing by. The blueness of the ocean compares nothing to those eyes, The ones I stare into while you're laid with me. My desire to touch your chest, to grab the sheets and curl my toes. This sun does not understand the real heat that grows. My cheeks turn red, my body quivers, gone is the beach, the seas and sand, I'm joined with you for one lasting moment, neither here nor there, together in throws.