Farmer's Hand

Written by: peggy caulfield

Here I stand alone as you can plainly see.
Some say I'm very lazy and idle as can be.
They really don't know me that's what I dare to say.
For truly I am busy throughout the longest day.
I'm a very friendly chap to all that pass me by.
Never say a nasty word to any sort of guy.
My clothes are pretty shabby, but still they keep me warm.
I think yours would be too, if you stayed out in every storm.
The birds they find their refuge snuggled in my shirt.
They peck like little chicks at my feet upon the dirt.
I'm known to give a little rattle for sometimes the wind doth blow.
My tinfoil hands make a clatter to scare out Mr. Crow.
I'm employed by Mr. Farmer.  Stand guard is what I do.
I protect the growing crops, I'm faithful all day through.
No right to call me lazy for I live up to my name.
All us garden scarecrows are every bit the same.