The Creature

Written by: Diana Mohammed

My creature you have walked in sin
You have tasted of my wrath
Yet savoured as you groaned within
when you felt me pull you forth

You've wrestled with a demon strong
Gave deceptions place of rest
Yet even they could not for long
pull my creature from my breast

All their schemes and poisoned darts
unknown to them were aimed
towards a creature in whose heart
was already etched my name

Because your soul moaned in dismay
for the slumbered state you were
I raised my hand that death not stay
and revived you with my stir

Because my glory was your desire
I had compassion on your cries
I broke the traps with arms of fire
and gently salved your eyes

With water did I soothe your face
I washed and cleansed your feet
My creature know you have my grace
and take again your seat

for you have journeyed past the night
accepted you are not your own
Now take heed to walk with me in light
that I safely lead you home

Behold your God Oh creature made
Thou art my love's manifestation
I am your God who never fails
to quicken his creation...