Across the Sky

Written by: Charmaine Chircop

The rain keeps falling on my hair as i walk down the valley The wind breeze softly on my neck as i keep hummin merrily Red wild poppies I pick whilst going down the lane I cross over the bridge to cross over again I walk to the full sun going down beyond the prarie I run in lushed green fields where once met a pink fairy With eyes full of love and golden butterflies I follow around flutterin fire-flies with tiny lantern lights I pass through each vineyard scenting the fragrance of wine I walk distance and moments in memory of time I hold on to a star which leads me somewhere far to cobbled winding streets to wherever you are to the end of the sky to the well of your cry to a coloured kite which keep soaring high to the depth of your thoughts to that soft tender part to the passion which burns in the alley of your heart. Charma Inspired by the song 'Meet me half Way'(Oldies song by kenny loggings)