The Fortune Teller

Written by: Samia Ali Arroyo

She beckoned me to follow her.
With sultry, mystic charm.
I hesitated entering.
For fear her words might harm.

The incense in the darkened room.
Hung heavy in the air.
Although I was a little scared.
I stepped into her lair.

The gypsy woman led me.
To a place of mystery.
A room behind a curtain.
Of allure and witchery.

I paid the fortune teller’s fee.
Although I thought it high.
But she came recommended.
So I paid it with a sigh.

We sat down at a table.
And she stared into my eyes.
Then said she’d tell my future.
But I thought it would be lies.

Then I saw her crystal ball.
One like I’d never seen.
At first the ball seemed to be clear.
In seconds, smoky green.

She looked into the opaque globe.
Her eyes were black as night.
But deep inside them I could see.
A fire burning bright.

She slowly fell into a trance.
And then began to speak.
Her voice had somehow slightly changed.
It had a strange mystique.

She told me all about my past.
Of things she could not know.
Memories and secrets.
Events of long ago.

I stared at her in wonder.
As the words spilled from her tongue.
Facts about my life.
And of the days when I was young.

She told me all about my loves.
And how each one had been.
She talked about the good I’d done.
And all about my sins.

And then she slowly came around.
The fire left her eyes.
The crystal ball was clear again.
And we said our good-byes.

Now every time I want to know.
What will or will not be.
I go behind the curtain. 
For the crystal ball can see.