Written by: Vince Suzadail Jr.

"Sit Down Young Stranger"  And I'll tell you a story
Of a troubadour who sang about "The Way I Feel"
I stood in his "Shadows" just "East of Midnight"
Couldn't believe my "Summertime Dream" was real
I "Salute" the man who sang about "Sundown"
His music helped ease my strife
Traveling his "Carefree Highway" I found
"Harmony" in the "Summer Side of Life"
"If You Could Read My Mind" you'd know
The "Rainy Day People" and the pain
O being left "High And dry" in a "Circle of Steel"
Standing in the "Early Morning Rain"
Now "The Watchman's Gone", there's a "Bend in The Water"
"Rainbow Trout" swim but the "Circle is Small"
I watch "All The Lovely Ladies" as I'm "Alberta Bound"
But they are not on my "Protocol"
I'd do "Anything For Love" , for my sweet "Daylight Katy"
I'd give up all my fortune and fame
Then "I'll Tag Along"  "Restless" and tired
If I knew "Did She Mention My Name"

All Gordon Lightfoot songs in quotation marks.