World On An Axel

Written by: peggy caulfield

Around, and around, and around I go;
I'm getting dizzy, help, O no!
Off my axel I'm sure to fall;
Please stop me now, and let me stall.
Let class begin for I'm eager too;
To get this tickling over and through.
North and south you will find on me;
Please have mercy on my tummy.
East and west are here and there;
Discover countries everywhere.
Most of me is pretty wet;
Cross seven continents in a jet.
Take the time to explore great lands;
Be a nomad traveling the dessert sands.
just be careful when you put me back;
I'm very hollow and I'm sure to crack.
Being a globe is dizzy fun,
And I like being the teaching one.
Over the world you can travel on me;
And be a great ship captain over the sea.