The friEND

Written by: Jodie Williams

It is not often I give my time, be careful how you spend
the sacrificial tokens that I gave you as a friend.
I tried to help you see things from a crystal point of view
No matter how I magnify, all you see is you

You'de think I'd made a difference, all we have incurred
does nothing but cast shadows on my own distress and hurt
I'm nothing but an afterthought, a shoulder with an ear
But a time has come for you to see, I won't always be here

I won't be there to pick you up, piece by shattered piece
It's time for you to understand, what it's like to freeze
Be blanketless and naked and exposed for all to see
I protected you from days and nights of vulnerability

It kills me now to let you go, but you will always lack
the strength it takes to sustain me upon your selfish back
I thought that we were spherical, that we could NEVER end
Now it seems I fooled myself for calling you a friend