And with a sip

Written by: Heaven Lorenz

Then in an instant that world had 
been hurled,
The lass's life has slowly slipped into 
a fantasy world.
In there, she never bid farewell to 
the life she always wanted,
The life, once her's, was in the 
dreams of which were haunted. 

Amber slowly slides down the wall,
Making her feel useless and small.

Useless, lost and confused,
Why give up that life to be abused?
Her answer was laying across the 
An arm laying behind his head.

He watched, and waited for her to 
She knew in her mind, that 
everyone would disapprove,
A sad smile came across her face,
Her life moving at too fast of a pace.

She locked the bathroom door 
behind her,
Then she touched her wrist, feeling 
her heart beat,
Closing her eyes, and crying to 
She fell, pitifully off her feet.

A blade she kept hidden revealed 
A blade whose promise was to 
relieve oneself
Of the mess she had created,
Removing her with the blade that 
was serrated...