Written by: Cheryl Aldea

I met you in a spring time day On the day, flowers bloom at the yard And butterflies scattered Beauty above the sky. Perhaps, like my heart that dances On the ringing sound of air, You walk into this feeling My heart is wondering, What is it that I feel? Perhaps, love maybe it was I can’t help myself, I fall in love with you. And on the day you have talked to me You look at me and smile, My heart unfroze, as soften under the sun. Is it the way you make me feel? That my heart can’t hold it back. Perhaps, madness that you can’t be mine Even if the world will turn And the pages of our lives Have turned into pieces Perhaps, we can start something new. To write a new chapter of our lives. And though I moved my world To be with you, still you are too far I try to tell you, this feeling of mine This feeling I kept to myself, I have a plenty conversation in the heart. To visualize the pieces of the dream. Maybe, then I can hear you Softly speaking to my heart Perhaps, tomorrow I pretend too That sometimes you had loved me too And these pieces of dreams Would join in my magic wonderland. Written by : Cheryl Aldea Any poem goes Contest ( Destroyer ~ Poet )