The Writer

Written by: Diana Mohammed

Writing is a way to speak
when minds are strong
but bodies weak
to battle very long

When no one seems to want to hear
thoughts overpowering your heart
writing can express what's dear
with honour, truth and art

It lifts your soul when feeling sad
and satisfies a hungry crave
It brings awareness never had
and makes a coward brave

It can relieve encumbrances
have freedom from all ties
Writing brings remembrances
lost and forgotten cries

It's a place where one can vent
hidden and unspoken moods
a sanctuary where the time is spent
within life's interlude

Writings brings forth revelations
and you wonder at the creator of your mind
You look upon each new creation
fulfilled in what you find

It seems that there is nothing greater
when all thoughts need setting free
than when you put the pen to paper
and can breathe .. and love .. and be ..