My Hero

Written by: Charles Clive

He’s seldom seen, he’s never heard; in fact he is a ‘silent’ bird. However, deep and awesome thoughts meander through his brain, of sorts, to linger in aesthetic ports. He thinks – but doesn’t say a word. Sometimes he’ll seek the fleeting Muse to ponder on some subtle ruse. Perhaps he’ll spend a year or two and contemplate a notion new, or start a scheme and work it through. Elucidate? But he’ll refuse. He’s not a cow, he’s not a horse, nor came he from a feline source. He is a bird, the ‘silent’ kind, the one who has a massive mind whose notions are so deep to find. He keeps them to himself, of course! ~ For Janette Fisher's 'Holding out for a Hero' Contest by Charles Clive.