Who is the poet

Written by: Charmaine Chircop

The poet is the language,the sad mystery in Monalisa's smile He is the brush of Caravaggio and the finest painting of Vangogh The poet is the sonnet of Mozart and Symphony of Bach the tragedy of shakespeare and Pablo's saddest verse He is the Danube in Waltz and Swan lake in ballet the renaissance of passion and the last remnant of life He is the dilemma of morality,shadow of deed and ombra of sin He is the fantasy of each sunrise and illusion of sunset He is the wave in tide of wishes carried ashore by the wind The poet is the dreamer,believer,the lover in a non existent affair He is the hope,the fable,the fairytale in each deadly reality. The poet is the worker who works and works hard to survive in a hypocratic,demanding,sophisticated, insane world. He is the thief of time,the owl on late nights still loyal to his pen He is each thought in verse bleeding in petals of fragrant words. The poet is the omnipotent servant,with a will to ask and crave to learn a philosopher,whose always an amateur in pursuit of wisdom. He is an eternal slave to his muse,the beverage of inspiration a spouse married to literature,adulterer in lyric,deceiver of prose He knows no lapsus in all that is scandalous,royal and sacred He is the artist,musician,actor,and clairvoyant of undestined paths He is the clay's cheap mold carved in greatest sculpture of next century The poet is an unfinished book,each chapter in yesterday the nobody of today and a bookmark in tomorrow.
You are the Poet ODE TO ALL POETS