The Soldier's Calling

Written by: Diana Mohammed

Your cries I hear Oh wandering soul
though they are barely uttered
Though deepest thoughts are hardly told
your restless mind has muttered

upon my ears the silent sound
of fragile shoulders strained
made guilty, burdened, broken down
but your soul I have retained

Though many have condemned your deeds
and rejoice to see you fall 
the time has come to fill all needs
and the purpose of your call

When you were tried you remained meek
Now new strength in you is grafted
Put off your load that made you weak
for my soldier you are drafted

You're called to battle for your Lord
with a heart that relinquished not the love
that bounds you to the living God
who now commands you rise above

So stand straight Soldier, fight this war
Exalt the armor that defends you
Remember whom you battle for
that if wounded you may continue

Hence if you die whilst in the field
yet fought as best you could
you'll be engraved in sword and shield
and honoured for having stood

But should you choose to walk away
from the calling that you've heard
should doubt and fear lead you astray
and things of this world preferred

then cursed soul you will agree
that you had committed treason
and prison but small penalty
for the error of your reason

Then you will be tried, cast out to death
unworthy of the calling you've received
dishonoured, shamed, an empty net
a soul in whom I'll be grieved...