The Mind’s Dagger

Written by: Colin Marschall

Stealing my purity - Jealousy.
Tainting saffron sunset with putrid clouds
Of unconditional hate, loathing and regret.
Blanketing my heart with death’s shroud.

Observing you bend, acting the siren’s part
A b---h on heat, your pheromones invade the air
Knowing I watch through a cursed scowl,
A toss of your hair  shows you don’t care.

I muse on cutting, thrusting phrases
Forming adjectives with calm precision
To camouflage emotions from your 1,000 yard stare
Ignore the suggestion in your smile of derision

The icy incision cuts to my soul
Surgically removes my laid back view
Shifting my roller coaster moods
Making my senses askew

This evil that invades my thoughts
A dagger pierced through my mind
With visions of fantasy liaisons
My actions, my words are all malign

Jealousy - corrupting my innocence
Excuses I form shallow and lame.
So I Place the blooded dagger at your feet
Transferring all of the blame