Written by: karly hasselbach

Im all alone.
In this place called home.
You see me happy, but all my smiles are fake.
I lock my heart inside myself for others sake.
I want someone to just reach out to me and grab my hand.
Because in reality I just can't stand.
I try to tell myself its not that bad.
Even though you the greatest friend I ever had.
You only seen half my heart.
I'm still not ready to show you the other part.
I put my mask on in the presence of others. 
But on the inside I just feel smothered.
My mask goes away when no one else is around.
In front of people my gaurd is never let down.
The mask is invisible, but I feel it starting to crack.
You were there this whole time, thanks for not turning your back.
I'm through with this game of black and white.
I want to show my true colors, its a beautiful sight.
This whole time you've just been played.
So I take my mask off to end this masquerade.