magic moments

Written by: Aseem Desai

Magic moments, spent with you, swirling gently off your eyelashes I can see,
As I look into your eyes, I remember as long as you and I have been we,
First drops of rain, first tears of pain, first shivers of touch, I feel the magic of such,
Magic moments magic moments, the beauty of watching you sleep, serene and peaceful like the blue ocean deep,
Magic moments magic moments of watching you overcome your own little monsters tucked within, the radiant smiles of triumph, like the sun celebrating its win,
Over the cold and the dark.
Magic moments magic moments of watching the child in you hop to the surface, 
only to hide back behind the lines of determination on your face, when faced with kaleidoscope like myriad mosaic of life`s situations.
Magic moments, magic moments, of just being with you, with not a word between us,
Oceans of emotions exchanged with glances, hearts intertwined thus,
Magic moments magic moments, of getting to know a stranger,
And then watching the stranger grow more familiar, than my own heart, no longer a stranger.
Magic moment, magic moment of watching the drops of water in your hair turn to diamonds in the morning sunshine,
Magic moments, magic moments of passion, special moments in the moonshine.
Magic moments ticking by, digging the pit of dread of goodbyes which someday must be said,
Magic moments I pray, magic moments to stay, magic moments of memory of looking into your eyes before I drift away