Beyond the Smile Lie Miles and Miles

Written by: Terrell Martin

I stopped by your desk to say hello today As I so often do To a lovely, young secretary like you. Others may have thought something was amiss Because I’m an older man and therefore, My intentions must be nothing less Than stealing your sweet kiss. But of course, You and I know better than this… Our conversation centered on the very stuff of stars: Creation Itself, So near and yet so far. We wandered through the labyrinth of History, time and space; debating transmigration And the nature of God’s own face. You quoted Jesus perfectly As if you knew Him sure as rain; While Plato, Philo and Pythagoras All joined in our coffee break game. Until we both agreed in the mystery Of love, life and death; Then saying goodbye with a twinkle in the eye and “I’ll see you tomorrow, I guess.” Just another day with a beautiful girl With a soul as wise as the wind… Secrets revealed from invisible fields Where beauty lies deeper than skin. So forgive me if my intentions Look less than they truly are. But beyond the smile lie miles and miles From the soul to the first bright star.