Lonely But Never Alone

Written by: Leanne Perks

Lonliness appears without 
any warning,  it maybe late at night
or early in the morning.

Once you feel that sinking sensation
when your heart bows down
low, you feel there is nowhere
to go.

Don't Despair in that Lonely place you
can find solace and comfort
by expressing how you feel
to a good friend, someone 
who will understand,

 this can contribute to how well you
deal with these pent up 

keep a note a thought for the day that will
be positive and Encourage you 
in every way to lift your
spirits and keep a smile upon your face
and this will help you 
to shine and the lonliness will
subside when you leave it 
behind and confide in a trusted 
and caring friend.

A Good Friend Is 
A God-Send in this Life, They
help to dry the tears, wipe
away anxious cares
with thefears, it is a blessing
knowing a dear friend is
always near.