Compassionate Friend

Written by: Leanne Perks

Although I may not know what your
going through inside, but
you don't have to fear or hide
your feelings away as 
Compassion I wish to show
to let you know I 
care for you my friend.

I cannot pretend to know how it feels
but Real Empathy I send
and My words of Comfort I
sincerly write I hope they might
help to mend your crushed spirit and 
broken heart and
bind up your painful and
troubled emotions and hope it
can aleviate much grief that you
must feel inturn give you the
strength and encouragement 
in order to deal with these
Sad and painful feelings.

I think you are brave beyond belief
and are strong and will
come through 

just because you are who
you are, this I know by
far you are a bright and
Shining Star in the 
Moonlit sky you never
question how or why that's the reason
that  you are my Special Friend because
I know I can always rely and depend
upon you,So I Promise To
Take Care Of You Too.