Life's Rhyme and Reason

Written by: John Burger

It is silly and it's sad--
and at times it's oh, so bad--
It's all so very crazy, but it's life.
First you're thought of, then you're born,
Before you know it you are torn,
Everywhere you turn and look there is strife.
Everybody draws their plan--
Every woman, every man--
Yet the pieces of their puzzle seldom fit;
Life is stupid and unfair
and few people seem to care,
I'm surprised that more of us haven't quit.
But some say life is better now--
Why I gripe, they don't see how--
They say I have no real reason to complain;
Yet my results have long been in:
In the end, I just don't win--
After all, there's very little that I've gained.
Still, I'm compelled to stand and fight
because I'm told that ther is light:
"Everybody gets rewarded in due time";
So I hope that I'll soon see
the answer to life's mystery,
And the reason in life's rhyme.