Written by: Chidananda Bhattacharjee

Life is so beautiful; but it's too shot to live, i have so many works to do; don't know how i achieve. life is so colorful; it's full of joy and sorrow; if today you are in pain, don't worry,joy will be come tomorrow. Life is full f experience; in every step you will get one, some are good,but some are bad, some can makes your life turn, but from every experience you have to learn. Life is full of duty, you have to obey them; it makes somebody respect you, if you can't do this, for you it will be a big shame. Life is full of love; from the beginning you will starting to get; that's why life is so beautiful; without this blessing's you will look like a illcladd. Life is so precious; so don't loose your time; star to fulfill your dream's before the death will come. Every one is mortal; in the world full of crowd; So try to do something new which makes the world proud. This is the only way you can live forever, in the heart of the people with a chocolate flavor.