Take The Flight

Written by: Stacey Behal

Money helps make life easy, right?
Step on up-on the reality flight.
Now look down so high above,
Seeing birds fly; the dove,
Above all the grassy green,
What would money be; so far away it can't be seen.
Small dollars, change, and checks,
But each day there's thousands of wrecks,
Taking souls to another place,
Leaving behind this vision we chase.
People need money to survive,
Without it we'd have no food to stay alive,
Listen to the whispers of the air flow,
Make sure your money isn't for show.
Big house, accessories, and big bills,
But once again-lives stop each minute;it kills,
Up here in the plane ride,
We have a chance to hide,
Pull back and soak in the world so high,
Waving away; hoping this isn't goodbye.
See you later say to all,
Hold up the wealth only to a brick wall,
Meaning love and faith is all you need,
Giving out money; like a deed,
If you have enough to survive,
Know that your alive,
Alive for a reason;alive for today,
Not promised tomorrow or any other day,
Hold your head high as you walk off the plane,
Walk off with something learned; in the right plain.