Stolen Life

Written by: Leighann Anderson

Once vibrant and cheerful
but now sombre and grey,
the room of beating hearts
has been tainted with pain
and needless misery.
A life once cherished and loved
silenced by the unpredictability
of the forking of roads once
full of determination and strength.
A life has been stolen by the cruelty
of the essence of time.
Tears are shed almost endlessly,
like the elegant flowing fountain found
within a blossoming garden.
Happy memories become painful to
remember, like pointed nails
stabbing in to my delicate skin.
Grief, confusion, and anger all
roll in to one like a congealed
mess suffocating my very thoughts,
a life has been stolen from this
world leaving nothing but ashes
Although now pain is my only friend
I know one day I shall be reunited
with that cherished life for darkness
is destined to transform into

Dedicated To:  Samuel McLean