Innocent Sin

Written by: Fisayo Aderounmu

The sins of an innocent
It has formed a song 
In my sub consciousness
The heat of my hidden faults 
Before I was brought forth on this earth
It made you to sweat blood          
When the truck load of my sins 
Drove you to the cross 
My trespasses with their tentacles
When I lost the compass
Has been an obstacle
Until you came as an oracle 
And saved me from the ridicule
It was more than a miracle
You carried my entire burden 
That was in gross bundle 
That has been my great hurdle 
Denying me all the live cable
To entering your great temple 
And feasting at your lofty table
The impression of your death 
On the cross at Calvary
Was a true expression of your love to me 
It damn all the calorie of rivalry in a jiffy
Creating express-way to the eternal love of God
Disbursement of your agony in Gethsemane
Was an allegory beyond what any press man could dispense
And the pride of many art gallery with no allergy
It shredded the Curtain of the temple
Which has been a curtail on my strength 
And makes me to lose out of the cocktail at your table
O Redeemer of my soul 
You paid all my debt as an offender
Leaving no remainder.
Thank you Jesus for 
saving me.