Closing The Door On The Past

Written by: Leanne Perks

This may sound harsh to say it now, but
you were the one that drove me away.
I knew it in my heart  I couldn't stay
but at the time it was too difficult 
for words to  say. 
All I could do is hope and pray that my 
problems would soon 
dissapear and fade away

Although I tried and tried even denied my feelings,
that I did hide, my mind were  in a spin with the
darkness and deep despair within.

I could not take the stress, my life had become
a mistake a terrible mess I had enough and
was ready to give in.

For most of the times we had together I cannot 
say there were many good memories that I hold 
dear as time passed all the good times shattered like
glass as the Sad times took to flight it was Misery
and Gloom in sight.

I needed relief for my crying heart and wish it had never
took place as the pain and grief upon my anguished face.
I didn't just need alittle time and space I need to 
end this case as it brought untold heartaches and
pain, It was affecting my mind as I was on the edge of
going insane.

I decided to my way one bitter-sweet and sad day.
It took alot of courage to take that step and leave
behind all the troubles weighing upon my weary
and aching mind.

I had to go and divert the journey I was on so I could
live in peace and carry on, as it was a long road 
to go down but time has turned my life around 
and I have become myself again in the truest
sense  as the effects of it all have been intense,
I forgot what it was like to be young again as
I felt old beyond my years, knowing the 
stresses  of life and having to overcome my
insecurities and fears. 

I now look upon this in a new light,
Although I cannot forget the hurt and regret
I will never let it phase me or choke and swallow me
up, I will take courage and draw my strength from trusted friends
and in Life never will I give up, I am older now and feel 
like I  can deal with it more and it has only made me stronger
than before so I can finally leave this in the past and draw the final
Straw at  Long Last!!!