'cause you were mine for that single moment

Written by: ismeta -Ivy vresk

                   'cause you were mine for that single moment

                 The smell of fresh picked strawberries,
            early in the morning,
            washed by nature,
            made me wounder
            while we walked down true the woods
            hand by hand,
            kissing ,
            how long we will last together

                 As we kissed imposed 
            to the eyes of early birds,
            our only witnesses 
            time stooped
            for a moment ,
            I was  completely yours
            as you were mine,

                  We picked  strawberries
            and laugh like a small kids
            teasing and chasing  each other,
            deep in the woods,
            stopping here and there to steel one more kiss
            to stop the time one more time
            but did not stooped me for wondering,
            "If this is going to last?"
            I didn't care any longer,
            'cause you were mine for that single moment.