Written by: Jodie Williams

The water feels cool as it laps at our toes
The air almost damp, full of unspoken ghosts
Resisting the urge to brush off the sand
that's peppered your cheek, I sit on my hands

I begged you to jump, seems you never heard
Or maybe you did, just forgotten the words
How can you sleep while you fight what you want
But as you turn to me, you know where you belong

Convinced that you're going to leave as you stand
Until you reach out, pull me up by my hand
At the edge of the water, you ask what do I see
But the reflection still looks the same to me

I focus on the shallow waves, crashing on my toes
The break upon the sand whispers 'Never let me go'
I raise my eyes to find it's you speaking the words
I'd begged for you to jump, it seems that you have heard

Then you say if we go, we go now, together
I can't let this be, I can't let this wither
Are you ready to jump? To give up the fight?
Our hands, they tremble, yet still they unite