Written by: Constance Gilmore

*Written to help a man trying to teach his son his alphabet*

A is for ant, which is black or red
B is for butter on bread you spread
C is for corn, tasty and yellow
D is for dog, what a sweet fellow
E is for ears so that you can hear
F is for fish in water so clear
G is for grandma who loves you much
H is for hands so that you can touch
I is for ice so clear and so cold
J is for jeans you wash and you fold
K is for keys to lock all the doors
L is for lion that makes loud roars
M is for money that we can spend
N is for night that is the moon’s friend
O is for orange so juicy and round
P is for plant that grows in the ground
Q is for quarter, round and silver
R is for rowboat riding the river
S is for stars that you wish upon
T is for tires that cars drive on
U is for umbrella keeping you dry
V is for vacuum, makes dirt say good-bye
W is for water so you can skip stones
X is for x-ray to see all your bones
Y is for yellow, the school bus you ride in
Z is for zebra with black and white skin.