Depression Poems while the guitar player tunes up at Sandy Bottoms

Written by: Nola Perez

1.  Inevitability

The rain will come
and be rude.
The wind blow away
all quietude.
Erase it?

Debase it?
You have no power
and when it's
your hour, you'll 
go, you know.

2. Drowning 

My foot tapping time, O sweet,
he cannot know he echoes mine.
He's not in this world, but I am.
Take me there! Right foot: the Koran, 
the Old Testament. He's young, 
I'm not.  He's playing for Happy Hour,
while his girlfriend sells her jeweled 
stones her shiny koans,  One, 
Two, his right foot beats rhythm. 

Testing,Testing. he doesn't know 
he keeps me from the ocean
the dolphin and the whale,
the ashes of my brothers, his
sandaled foot, beating time,
beating time.