Written by: shirin neshat

I hope one day someone who you really care for & love would step all over you,
Ruins all the promises and take your life out of you,
Shader you with sharp glass,
Deep inside your heart that burns like fire,
Every time I try to be strong, 
You take my life, my breath out of my body,
Every time I try to make you happy, 
You are never satisfied,
Every time you feel unhappy,do you have to ruin my day too?
Every time I have joy & happy,
You bring me sorrow & jealousy,
What is wrong with you?
Can't you ever see your girlfriend happy?
You always want me to be your misery?
Why do you always play games?
Do I look like you dog? or your toys to play?
I hope one day God, teaches you a lesson of your life that you won't ever forget!
I feel like you wasted my time & energy for the past six years,
Without me in your life, hope you are the most miserable man on earth,
Who no one likes,
Why you want to torture people? 
Why can't you ever accept that people make mistakes?
Just like your self,
If you won't ever forgive someone,
God won't forgive you for yours!