A Sad Story

Written by: Joyce Johnson

What was to be her wedding day,
has turned to putrid shades of grey.
The one who pledged his love for life
has run off with the butcher's wife.

The butcher in a dreadful rage,
followed them to the Fargo stage
and with one of his butcher knives,
ended their false blackhearted lives.

He now sits with the saddened lass,
refills her fully empty glass.
He cries with  her in sad lament
at how dismal the day they've spent.

They both have missed the wedding feast.
He says,"We'll have some cake at least."
He cuts the cake with skillful art
and hands to her the biggest part.

For both it's been a trying day
and as the lass begins to sway,
after being wined and glucose fed,
she falls into the butcher's bed.