memories of you

Written by: Aseem Desai

Golden bits of dust ,from a glorious past,
	lost in the winds of memory , of moments that last,
		for years in the hazy and shadowy alleys of the mind,
		flecks of existence that were left behind,
 		in the desperate effort to find a better tomorrow,
	shimmering reflections in the lake of the heart,
	lost in the depths, in the search of a fresh start.
		A whirlwind of thoughts comes to me today,
		stirs something inside me that longs to get away.
	something old,ancient , in the labyrinths of my brain,
	that threatens to change  all i know ,and drive me insane.
		they say you reap as you sow,
		i believe as it all comes back to me now,
	everything i lost in the struggle against time,
	as my vision was distorted and blurred with grime,
		of my own false belief and an illusion of success,
		in a mad race for what i thought was happiness.
	today as all falls silent, my ambitions come to rest,
	I realize, the memories of you are my real treasure chest.