play that song again

Written by: Aseem Desai

               Someone strummed this tune for me on a battered ,old ,
                six string,
		and broke into a small quiet song.
		a song that glided past my heart, with my soul on its wing
		a melody that took me along,
		to your world, a world so amazing, touched by your special charm,
		filled with the wonderful things you do, fun ,hearty,n warm.
		Its a world with your presence etched everywhere,
		like pearls in a sea clam, precious ,rich n rare,
		here memories of you n me are stories on the wall,
		good stories, bad stories ,fun stories and all,
		you light up the place,make it glow with pride,
		angels look up,music forgotten, harps by their side,
		The world is so small yet , so big, its so much that you give
		someone love ,someone pride, and me, another reason to live..