Written by: Robert Ball

Many heroes in the Holy Bible stand out.
From Lot, to Ruth, to Noah, we see them all about.
The true one, that God blessed the most,
Was the one who led the Israelis from Egypt, he was Moses.

Moses had it all, the favor of Pharaoh, stood in line to be the heir.
Ramaseh, his brother hated, feared his strength and wanted him out of there.
Finding out that he was a Hebrew slave he cast him to the wilderness.
In the desert with one day’s ration, he spurned him, his death was certain.

The Lord had other plans for him; he was to be delivered
A hero to the Hebrew nation, the Lord saved and groomed him to be a nation’s Savior.
Found by Seperah and her sisters, he was brought to Jethro.  
So the story starts, and God’s hands molded him, don’t you know.

On the Mount, God’s Holy Mountain, Moses was called,
He had seven daughters to choose from, he had to stall.
Content on being a sheepherder, he remained with Seperah and made her his Wife.
A wise choice for her, a companion for the rest of his life.

So going up to see the Lord took great strength.
Up he had gone praying as he went. 
When he came back, his features had changed.
All in white his hair and eyebrows, he was not the same.

Strength was given to him by the Father, a spiritual bond that glorified His name.
Moses was a strong willed man, from out of the desert, he found fame.
Not for himself, but for God and the Hebrew nation. 
God fingered him to be the earthly Savior, put down from creation.

The Lord made His covenant with Moses, it was His plan.
For Moses to lead his bonded people to freedom, to see this is to understand.
God has His timetable, He knows our planned freedom.
Our canal minds will forever be changed and we will enter the Kingdom.