drunkards passion

Written by: uchenna okolo

No beer, just stick 2 booze
One certainty, we end up loose
Funny cos she said "look"
"Never thought I was gon pull"

Baby and booze? dnt touch ma beer
Get it popped and its cheers
Break it and he's in tears 
The talk triggers fear

Slide it down d table and its smiles
Go non stop on it, and its style
Go excess on them bottle, you fly
What more can I say, bottle number five

Get me the sixth and you tag me drunk
Let me run on five, he said skunk
Below it, let me guess, that's taunt
But I fly beyond six, I cal it "stunt"

She say ma beer, I cal em booze
She said andrea, but that's 4 boobs
I'm out of words to suit
Yet I got d looks
Looks dat make ma flow stool