Written by: Joshua Torres

Life, the simplest thing in the world we love to complicate,
We fill it with theories of utopias and meaningless successes.
We fight over land and power while getting furiously lost in debates.
We argue over differences, from moral values to how someone dresses.

Originality is seen as a traitorous act against society.
They encourage new ideas but refuse to take them into account.
Taught to seek power, fame and to become mighty,
Then, told that truth is not truth unless agreed upon by the larger amount. 
We work long, tedious hours for things we don’t need.
Working our fingers to the bone, only to spend the money earned on meaningless ‘treasures’.
Helping fill the stomachs of the parasitic companies as the poor wallow and bleed.
Forgetting that life is made to enjoy, not worrying about what your bank account measures.

Let us take a step back and look at the big picture.
Let us be still and awe at the marvel at the originality and beauty before it is too late.
Let’s enjoy life with all its ups and downs, with all its complications and mixtures.
Let’s not complicate the simplicity of life, let’s live life and see what it creates.