Unforgetttable Moments

Written by: Janette Fisher

How can one pick just one moment in time?
When each second, each minute, each hour
Brings moments of remembrance
Raining forth, like April showers

From the celestial beauty of sunrise
Until its glorious setting at night,
There’s a wealth of treasured ‘happenings’
To bring wonder and delight

The melodic chorus of birds at dawn
Heralding a brand new day,
Waking beside the one you love
Whose kiss, so sweet, can melt your heart away

Hugs and kisses, from your children
A smile from an infant, newly born
The beauty of a delicate flower
As it unfurls, to greet the sun at morn

The response from a perfect stranger
When you smile, and say ‘hello’
A small act of courtesy brightening
Their day, as they are rushing to and fro

A ‘thank-you’ for a deed of kindness
Or when you’ve gone that extra mile,
Can fill your soul with gladness 
And make your day worthwhile

A rainbow shining after it rains,
A bird of prey flying high,
Butterflies flitting, from flower to flower
The moon and stars in a clear night sky

A phone call, from a relation far away
A letter, from a friend in the post
The first cup of tea in the morning,
Along with hot, buttered toast

Talks over wine, or coffee with ‘the girls’
Precious time spent with family,
Moments which seem so miniscule
But all them, ‘unforgettable’ to me.

©  Janette Fisher  07.04.11