The meaning of Friendship

Written by: Leanne Perks

Friends are there to help us our troubles
in life to bare, They are always
there in times of need, to show
their loyalty in word and deed.

Their kind acts and caring 
concern is what makes our
hearts love them and
to be a good friend
in return.

Friends add meaning to
one's life, comforting oneanother
through the Sadness,heartaches
 and stife.

True Companions are both
Precious and rare,
they always show how much 
they care, 
their friendship  is 
always there and will 
blossom and grow as the
years come and go,

A True Friendship will 
never die, if cultivated
will continue to add
beauty to one's life
making it worth living 
and in a friendship the key
is to be freely giving towards
the other and take genuine
interest and concern and
look out for oneanother.