Written by: Samia Ali Arroyo

Each night my fears all come to life inside my terror dreams.
They chase me and confuse me where nobody hears my screams.
Repeatedly, I run and hide from them without success.
No matter how I try they always find me nonetheless.

Scenarios inside my head that I somehow create.
Sometimes I fear that they are visions of my unknown fate.
I try escaping from them but they all know where I live.
They hunt me without mercy, my dreams do not forgive.

Like pieces of a puzzle that never really fit.
Or thoughts I have in waking hours that I will not admit.
Monsters, demons every night, I fight them in my bed.
Scenes of death and horror, the ones that I most dread.

At times I know I’m dreaming and force myself to wake.
I realize that all the terror that I feel is fake.
But then the night time comes again and when I close my eyes.
I’m lost again inside a world where nothing will surprise.