Friends Alone But Always Together

Written by: Leanne Perks

We are Alone but together we will be friends forever.
 It's so hard to be strong  it is okay, it is not wrong  to cry
if you feel a tear flow from your eye.

Dont dwell on why or how
Smile because we met eachother and
all you need is here and now.

Times we shared together will make treasured memories
in our hearts that last forever.
Sometimes in life we have to depart from dear friends
and go our seperate way
but that will not stop us seeing eachother again someday.

It may seem like a painful end but to loose a special friend
like you would break my heart in two so I promise I will
Always takecare of you and we will help eachother through
this difficult time as I am your friend and you are mine.

We are never alone in life when we have a trusted friend
who will be there faithful, loyal and true  to the end we will
be there to mend and repair
 eachothers pain  from the Beautiful friendship we have
been blessed to gain.