This Moment Let It Be

Written by: Titiksha Singhal

Let it be
Just for a moment
Turn your heart into words
Speak from your eyes
Kiss from your soul
Turn your dreams into reality and reality in dreams
In between the heavenly Earth and Sky
Be pure as the dark of night
For a moment
Let it be
Equate your mind and heart
Past, present and future
As true like the truth itself
Say out what has never been said
And couldn't be heard
Live in the moment
This moment
With Love
As words form a poem
Or melody a song
Let it be for one moment
Trust to the extent your heart has strength
Say the truth of your love
Speak the language of romance
Twine your body with mine
And soul with soul
Eyes with eyes
Breath with breath
Lips with lips,
Get inside
Leave your trace
Of this moment
That would last for as long as it stayed in mind,
Forever, Let it be.