Written by: Chidananda Bhattacharjee

I saw a child, on the lap of his mother. His mother was seeting, beside the grave of his father. His father was a solder; who died last night. He was the captain of his team, oh!wat was a horrible fight. The mother was blasting into cry, the child dont know what in die, he just looked at his mother's eye, and gave his father a silent goodbye. Today the graveyeard is full of crowed, and the chest of their country is full of proud; the enthem song is too loud, that they can't feel their pain. Some people are looking at the sky; and streached their hend up, may be they trying to give them last goodbuy. Some are too shocked that they can't cry. other's are waiting for their turn; they are ready to burry either their brother or son. I dont think,this is a bravery; no!it's not a bravery, it's the countries shy, will be expose one day, no matter how much they try.