No room for Crybabies pt3

Written by: John Streeter

   Well...then, as I was chasing after my (lil) brother....(sobs) I noticed mom is crying,
but even though it is hard for her.   she managed to tell...granny the sad news.  "That
she has Ovary-Cancer, haven'd diagnoised while in NYC at this specialist clinic and all
of her pertinent information has been forwarded to Shands Hospital here in Jackson-
ville Fla._______and granny (who is *now* crying) SHOUTS-OUT."  "Thank-You Lord,
but mama still would need to have surgery and my two auntee's Brenda and San-san
comes down from Newark (NJ) to be with her and she comes through her
right.  "Alll-ll..riggghh-htt & out of.....sight.."
  "All-right...&(well)... thankGodforMama(smile)..."