Perfectly Fine

Written by: Matt Daniels

I won't lie,
It was hard to say Goodbye.
The sight of you,
Was like my hearts cue.
It was then I knew,
That maybe it could be true.
I can't sleep,
For your in my mind too deep.
It may seem sudden,
But sweetheart, I'm still learnin'.
You got me restlessly turnin',
You got my heart desiringly burnin'.
My beat races when talking to you,
Are you sure your ready to make it us two?
I don't let down my guard,
But baby you sure did get far.
I lie down thinkin' of us,
Waking up with even more trust.
To me your mine,
To me this is all perfectly fine.
*By: Cali Mitchell<3*
*Passing a Love Note**