My Yesterday

Written by: Chuck Keys

Business in my head … it won't stop
When it starts it can't end
Where it ends nobody knows
Decisions, decisions - always, never ending.

With the wind in my face, wheels turning around and around
I hear the YellowJackets; Theonius Monk pulsing in the background
Charlie Parker screeching to the beat of real jazz
Melodious chords after chords floating onward – peacefully in tune inside.

Momentum carries my thoughts of one, today
With smiling green eyes of 
Golden hair forcefully driven - dressed in happiness, colorful 
Echoing throughout my day.

Outside she … coated in sugarless healthy sweetness – wine in hand
Inside I wonder - what moves her?
What thoughts she may have of life’s joys and false toys?
Wearing outer power … searching inner self for what she is, will be, wants to be? 
Wondrous movements of such deep intensity – hmm.

© Charles H Keys, 2012.  All Rights Reserved