Nothing is easy

Written by: Robert Ball

Nothing is easy.
Looking for God and His truths, His spirituality.
It's not for all to know.
No matter were you travel or go.

God's Holy Bible.
Is necessary for Spiritual revival.
Those who have been given Holy Spirit wisdom.
Know there is only Jesus's way to the Kingdom.

Kneel brethren and humbly contritly pray.
Soon the Lord will come soon it will be His day.
Our world is in for a real culture shock.
Those who search, seek, will open the door all we have to do is knock.

God gives the Holy Spirit to whoever He chooses.
Pray and hope you are worthy, this is the way, the elect will never be the losers.
If you read scripture, the way and the path is clear.
God and Jesus are truly near.

The devil owns this world for now.
Yet, with the Lord you'll be saved, He'll show you how'
Read your Holy Bible stand in faith, stand tall.
Soon it will be the world of our Lord, a better world for all.