Past Love

Written by: Rocky Swartzfager

It appeared, for the longest time, that I was over you.
Each day my mind would bury your memory,
Continualy obsturing your face and your touch.
I began to shift my gaze.
I started looking straight ahead.
The past was to my back.

But most recently, from the depths of my mind,
You sprang forth!
Now I am once again at a crossroad.
Which path should I take?
That is the only question that is on my mind.
It devours my whole being.

To my right;
It is a life of hardships,
But in the darkness you'll be there.
Embracing, pushing away our troubles.
And that is all we would need, each other.
Mediocrady, but love.

And to my left;
Life like the gentle flow of a river.
Lonely but easy going.
Walking in solidarity, being content.
And I will ever long for more.
Exceptional, but alone.

Thoughs are my options, but I am stuck
Looking at the diverging road.